Online Advertising


The right online solutions
At Media Unit, we offer full-fledged online campaign, which includes booking advertisement spaces on high-visibility websites, sending mass e-mail shots, personalized email marketing, press release authoring and distribution, SMSs and managing multiple social networking platforms. We offer reliable SMS services are tailor-made to suit the requirements of our clients.

We first discuss with clients what are their marketing targets and then we presents a proposal for a campaign in the online market, along with a forecast of its potential market reach, such as Facebook ‘likes’ and ‘shares’, YouTube views Twitter followers and re-tweets.

Plus we offer e a comprehensive A-Z online marketing campaign which includes online advertisements such as web banners on different social media pages, or managing a single Facebook page. Our social media platform management includes interacting with clients, answering questions, generating content, and coordinating with the company’s management.

Yet, we make sure that e-mails and web notifications are not seen as a form of unwelcome advertisement, or spam. We send ads to our e-mail contacts with their consent, and they have the option of unsubscribing at any time. We have an average of …. verified e-mail contacts and have been in the business for …. years.

At Media Unit, we provide our clients greater reach with less spending. Our methods allow the same amount of advertising material to be sent to the same number of potential clients for a fraction of the cost.